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Who We Are

PrepNet Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a young organisation with primary focus to innovate and ease the way one prepares for various examinations through out their life. We, at prepnet, are very passionate about earning goodwill for a lifetime and this passion unites us to stay committed towards our students so that they get best of products and services at a competitive and affordable pricing.

As a young organisation, we have the urge to rise fast and make an impact in the marketplace. This urge to excel keeps us on our toes and introduce new and unique products and services to students. In this short span, what we achieved is due to our strong commitment to our vision. We have our own standard of quality checking that we never compromise under any circumstances. We, at prepnet, are aware of demanding global standards and specifications and are always ready to understand and solve the problems to meet these demands with utmost care.

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What we do

PrepNet provides one of the best online evaluation system to prepare for any examination. Be it School Exams, Entrance Exams or Competitive Exams, we are always there to help you evaluate your preparedness for the exam among fellow students/aspirants.

Back in the past, we have observed that students are unsure about their preparations be it for their Board exams or any competitive/entrance exams. They are not aware of the preparation levels of students from other schools or areas. So, in spite of their hard work, they did not ace the exams because they didn’t have the insights of where they need to improve among other fellow students/aspirants.

In order to overcome this insecurity, we have introduced a revolutionary product called ‘PrepNet Preparatory Solutions‘ which helps the students to judge by themselves, where they stand among other fellow students/aspirants among thousands of similar students/aspirants. They can evaluate how they are standing among fellow students/aspirants chapter/topic wise. With our dynamic ranking system, they can have a clear insight about their preparation levels at all times. Our short duration tests can be accessed anytime without interfering with their normal day to day schedules. They can find the solutions for all their wrong answers instantly.

School exam preparations

School education is the backbone for success in future. A solid foundation in school can help a student to pursue their dream career and enhance their career scope at the earliest.

Entrance exam preparations

An entrance examination is one of the most vital examination for students to enhance their career. These exams are mainly confined to engineering, medical, management, law, etc.

Competitive exam preparations

A competitive examination is an exam where candidates are ranked according to their grades. If the exam is open for x positions, then the first x candidates in ranks pass, the others are rejected.

Our Team

Leading the way is our seasoned leadership team who set high standards for prepnet so that we can give you the best products and services. Backed by a skilled, sincere and hard working workforce with a very professional expertise supported by sophisticated and reliable methodologies. Our culture at prepnet — one which represents diversity, inclusion, mutual respect, responsibility and understanding — welcomes fresh perspectives and varied experiences.

We, at prepnet, firmly believe that our entire workforce are also very much part of our team. Without them, we are nothing but just a soulless organisation without any passion. Being passionate about our team members gives us extra strength to excel ourselves and also make them a part of our celebration. We highly appreciates the contribution of each & every team member for their outstanding performances, which has led this organization’s impressive growth. As a responsible organisation, we firmly believe that “Your Satisfaction is our Greatest Reward”.