Best Way To Study CBSE

Best Way To Study CBSE

Start with making a time table,allotting different times to different subjects and set goals for example , 1 chapter of chemistry done in 2 hours,etc.

Always sit upright,and always study on a study table.  Keep water and some snack beside you,so that you don’t have to interrupt your studying in between.
Always study in a bright light.  Study in a silent environment.  Keep your mobile switched off while studying. 

Always make notes for important points.  Make a summary of a chapter after studying, so that you even do some revision.  Take a 10 minute break after after every 2/2 and a half hours.Studies show that this improves concentration. 
Never miss meals for studying,and don’t have food while studying.(reduces concentration)  Do not study after 10:30 at night.Sleep.  Wake up early like 6:00 AM the next morning and study subjects like maths.  ALways keep in mind to complete the course 1 month before the exams start. 

 NEVER be in a hurry. Do whatever you are doing thoroughly,and never be in a rush to complete one chapter fast and start with the next one.Believe me,it never helps. You loose marks in the questions of both the chapters. 

Sleep early a day before your exam.  Chill out and don’t get very tensed.Believe me, anyone with average intelligence can top his/her batch.  Listen to music you like at least 10 minutes a day Keeps you relaxed.  Don’t leave anything for the day of your exam.Make sure you have your hall ticket,pen and pencil’s ready a day before.  Clear all your doubts by asking teachers and parents. Always have a teacher’s number in your diary/mobile.  Only refer to reference books if you have completed your CBSE course.  Practice diagrams and maps properly.These are one of the main areas which are responsible for deducing marks. 

For subjects like English, keep a dictionary by your side.  Do not bunk a class this year! All are very important,and concentrate more.  Board papers are checked by other teachers which do not know you.They won’t waste their time trying to figure out what you have written.Write neatly and leave a line after every answer. 

 Do not forget to label your diagrams. 
 Shade properly and neatly during MCQ’s. 
 Also before starting with your syllabus,revise all your class IX or XI books. (IX for X the graders and XI for XII th graders) 
 Make sure your basic concepts are clear.If not,refer to books of younger classes which teach you basics. Believe me,basics are VERY important.

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