Important Battles in Indian History

Important Battles in Indian History

  1. Battle Hydaspes  [326 BC/Battle between Alexander and Porus / Won by Alexander] Fought on the bank of the Jhelum, which is called ‘Hydaspes’ in Greek. opened relation between India and west.
  2. Kalinga War [260 BC / Battle between Ashoka and King of Orissa / Won by Ashoka] Vast destruction and bloodshed change the attitude of Ashoka and he embraced Buddhism.
  3. First Battle of Tarain or Thaneswar [1191AD / Battle between Prithviraj Chauhan and Mod. Gori / won by Prithviraj Chauhan ]
  4. Second Battle of Tarain [1192AD/Battle between Prithviraj Chauhan and Mod. Gori / won by Mod. Gori] Establishment of Islamic Empire in India.
  5. First Battle of Panipat [1526AD/ Battle between Imbrahim Lodhi and Babur / Won by Babur]  Establishment of Mughal empire in India.
  6. Battle of Kanwah [1527AD /Battle between Babur and Rana Sangha / Won by Babur]
  7. Battle of Kannauj [ 1540AD/ Battele between Sher Shah and Humayun / Won by Sher Shah] Sher Shah became emperor of India.
  8. Second Battle of Panipat [ 1556AD / Battle between Akbar and Hemu / Won by Akbar] Ended of Afghan rule .
  9. Battle of Talikota [1564 – 1565 AD / Battle between Combined forces of 4 Muslim rulers of Deccan and Ramraja of Vijaynagar / Won by Muslim force ] Destroyed Hindu kingdom of the Deccan, sealed the fortunes of Vijaynagar empire .
  10. Battle of Haldighati [1576AD / Battle between Rana Pretap and Akbar / Won by Akbar] Rana Pratap fought gallantly and took refuge in a remote fortress .
  11. Battle of Plassey [ 1757AD / Battle between Siraj – ud – daula and English forces under Clive / Won by English forces ] The English became master of Bengal, foundation of British rule.
  12. Third Battle of Panipat [1761AD / Battle between Ahmed Shah abdali and Marathas / Won by Ahmed Shah Abdali] Gave a setback to Marathas in the nort and sealed destiny of Mughal empire , made British easy entry.
  13. Battle of Buxar [ 1764AD / Battle between Joint forces of Muslims and English / Won by English forces] Led to English occupation of India.
  14. Third Mysore War [ 1790 – 1792 AD / Battle between English forces and Tipu Sultan  / Won by English forces ] Tipu Sultan had to sign treaty of the Seringapattam .
  15. Fourth Mysore War [ 1799AD / Battle between English forces and Tipu Sultan / Won by English forces ] Fougt at Malavali and brought the Mohammedan dynasty of Mysore to end.
  16. First Sikh War [ 1854AD / Battl;e between English forces and Sikhs / Won by English forces ] Sikh kindom came under the British.
  17. Indo – Pak War [1948 / Battle between India and Pakistan ] Fought in Kashmir, ceasefire agreed to on actual line of occupation.
  18. Sino – Indian War [1962 / Battle between India and China] China invaded India on north – eastern front. Ceasefire was agreed to on the intervention of other countries.
  19. Indo – Pak War [1965 Battle between Indian and Pakistan] Fought in the western sector, led to Tashkant Pact between India and Pakistan, described as the heaviest tank battle since World War II.
  20. Indo – Pak war [ 1971 / Battle between India and Pakistan ] Pakistan attacked, India helped Mukti Bahini on the eastern front and East Pakistan was liberated, the state of Bangladesh was formed.


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