Main Industries of West Bengal

Main Industries of West Bengal

West Bengal is mainly an agricultural state, although industries have also flourished in this state.

Main industries are :

  1. Iron and steel
  2. Jute Industry
  3. Cotton and textile industry
  4. Tea industry
  5. Food processing industry
  6. Tourism Industry
  7. Information technology

Iron and steel industry : The first iron and steel industry was established in Kulti at 1870. In this state Durgapur industrial belt was developed due to availability of  Ion ore, coal, water, electricity and cheap labour.

Jute industry : West Bengal is famous in jute production. The first jute industry in this sate was established in 1855. Either side of the Hooghly river mainly popular for various jute manufacturing industry.

Cotton and textile industry : Cultivation of cotton does not take place in West Bengal, but import of cotton is the main source of cotton industries in this state. The first cotton industry was established in Ghusuri at Howrah district.

Tea industry : This is an important industry in West Bengal. The first tea industry was established in 1834. All tea estates are located in Darjeeling, Jalpaiguri, Cooch Behar.

Food processing industry : The processing of fish, eggs, meats vegetables etc. is done for ready to eat products to be consumed by making the people. Due to great demand, the food processing industry has developed in this state.

Tourism industry : Any centre for entertainment is consider to be a tourism spot. In this state tourism industry has develop due to various religious place, sea beaches, historical places, hilly areas. Most popular places are – Victoria Memorial, Alipore Zoo, Sundarbans, Dighs and Darjeeling.

Information technology : This industry has develop in West Bengal and holds an important position in the country. Salt Lake is the main location of this industry.


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