WBCS Prelims – History of Indian Telecommunication.

WBCS Prelims – History of Indian Telecommunication.

Now a days Indian telecommunication sector is the second largest network in the world on the basis of users. But its history began from 1850 by British East India Company. In 1850 first electrical telegraph connection was between Calcutta and Diamond Harbour. For more information we are sharing some historical year of our telecom sector.

1902 – Cable Telegraph

1902 – First wireless telegraph station between Sagar Island and Sandhead.

1907 – First central battery of telephone introduced in Kanpur.

1913 – 1914 – First automatic exchange installed in Shimla.

1933 – Radiotelephone system inaugurated between the UK and India.

1953 – 12 channel carrier system introduced.

1960 – First trunk dialing rout commissioned between Lucknow – Kanpur.

1975 – First PCM system commissioned Mumbai city and Andheri Exchange.

1976 – First digital microwave junction.

1979 – First optical fiber system for local junction commissioned at Pune.

1980 – First satellite earth station established at Sikandrabad UP for domestic communication.

1983 – First analog stored program control exchange for trunk lines commissioned at Mumbai

1984 – C- DOT established for indigenous development and production of digital exchange .

1985 – Mobile telephone service , pager and internet successful launched in India.

1997 – The Govt. of India setup TRAI .

2007 – Declared as ” Year of Broadband ” in India.

2008 – India entered the 3G arena.




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